Noble/Elite Shungite


Mined out of the ground by hand, Noble/Elite Shungite is of its purest form and has a 90-98% concentration of organic carbon, formed billions of years ago in the Republic of Karelia, North West of Russia. Revered since the 18th century for its unique fullerene structure and ability to heal and stabilize any environment, including the physical, astral and spiritual body. 

Along with its fullerene structure, Noble/Elite Shungite consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table with a spherical carbon-rich molecular structure that acts as filtration and sponge at the same time. Acting as a natural healer and energy stabiliser, capable of eliminating free radicals and bad odour from the environment and restoring it to a balanced state. 

Traditionally used to filter water, it is said Noble/Elite Shungite can ease and at times cure ailments and has been used as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant in easing allergies, arthritis, gastric issues, autoimmune dis-ease. Helps stabilise sleep and neutralise geopathic stress and EMF Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation and much more. 

On a daily, Noble/Elite Shungite filtered water can be used for washing, drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning cuts and grazes, skin cleansing and rejuvenation, pets, watering plants and freshly cut flowers. 

50-75 grams of Noble/Elite Shungite to 1 ltr of water 

Before use thoroughly wash the Noble/Elite Shungite under running water until all loose debris has gone. Dry the Noble/Elite Shungite and place it in a glass or ceramic vessel then fill with water. Leave to stand for at least 8 hours and up to 72 hours before use, adding more as you use it. Repeat the cleaning process every three months.

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